Music Apps Gone Free

Honestly, music has been and is being quite a life saviour for me on these days trapped between four walls. I am sure my musician friends out there are busy playing their guitars, keyboards, singing etc. However my intrument is my tablet, along with some applications with which I make music. If you are also one of those who make music using digital instruments, I have good news for you.

Starting from the beginning of the quarentina days, I came across with some news about some music apps which have gone free for a certain period of time. I will keep it short so you don’t miss the deadlines.

Here is the list:

iOptigan: I am not even sure if I am ever going to use it in my music projects. But this app provides you with some “oldish tunes” and honestly speaking, I already spent hours with it. Kinda fun to play with to say the least.

Minimoog Model D Synthesizer: The first app that I installed when I saw it free. As my preferred DAW is GarageBand, I was so happy to see it was compatible with Audiobus 3 (so I can use them together) along with my midi keyboard (AKAI MPK Mini) which I bought recently.

Mellowsound: I sort of liked this app as well yet next to Minimoog Model D, I am not sure how often I will use it. However it’s free, so go get it. You can delete if don’t like it, anyway.

Zenbeats: If you are especially interested in beat making, at which I am not an expert at all, this app might be for you.

Synthmaster One: I loved this app almost as much as Minimoog synthesizer. I think I will most likely play with the arpeggiator. The presets are already quite satisfying but you can just create your own sounds and save them for later use.

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