Music Apps Gone Free

Honestly, music has been and is being quite a life saviour for me on these days trapped between four walls. I am sure my musician friends out there are busy playing their guitars, keyboards, singing etc. However my intrument is my tablet, along with some applications with which I make music. If you are also one of those who make music using digital instruments, I have good news for you.

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My Official Artist Channel on Youtube ✅

Just as the title suggests, my official artist channel on YouTube is live. Honestly I notice that I am a bit ignorant about this, as after I applied for an official artist channel on YouTube, the next day it came with my new and previous songs made as automated videos and they have been added in the channel already, without me doing actually nothing. They are certainly nothing official but the music itself, visually accompanied by the cover of the album. Certainly I am planning to make videos for my songs in the (near) future but still you can subscribe and turn on the notifications so as to be notified when I upload a new video. Just to make it clear, this is not the same channel that I have the Spanish videos (Good Times). This is only for my music, albums and singles. So please subscribe and turn the notifications on. There goes the link for my channel on YouTube:

APTAL INSAN is live at stores

Eventually after a 5-year-silence, I have decided to collect together some of my songs (those in turkish) and release this album called “Aptal Insan”, which means Stupid Human. This time I decided to do everything from tip to toe myself, I mean, not just the songs themselves, their arrangements, writing the lyrics and singing but also making the mixing and mastering and even (now) promoting. Honestly I discovered there was too much to learn. And still, a perfectionist like me would never be content by the outcome, but anyway, I tried to do the best that I can with the tools that I have. In that sense, this was, as a whole, a very satisfying 4-5 month journey. Though, I must admit, it was a very difficult work. I totally respect those sound engineers with what they are doing about the mixing and mastering stages.

I will share the links and the stories of each song individually in the following days but for now I’m giving you the Spotify link. You can still listen to it even without a subscription and with some possible advertisements of course. Apart from Spotify, it’s also available on other digital stores such as Apple music, Deezer, Google play, Tidal etc and in apps like TikTok, Instagram (stories) and Facebook (stories) where you can find me as “Taquo”. And what can you do to support?

  • You may add the songs to your favorite playlists
  • Certainly you may like and share in various platforms
  • You may use them on your Instagram/Facebook stories (please don’t forget to mention me 😁)
  • Any feedback/comment (positive or negative) is very motivating

Thanks for listening… 😍

The Eurovision week ends with Toy’s victory

I had this dilemma this week whether I should make separate posts for the two semifinals and the final or not. Then I realized how time consuming this would be. So in this post, I will be skipping the semifinals.

The big event opened with fado. As the contest was in Portugal, that was almost certain, of course. Personally I like Fado even though I don’t speak portuguese. The words also have great importance but eventually I like what I hear. But not throughout the contest. I guess Portugal dosed off a bit…

In no particular order, my top 10 countries are:

Bulgaria (I didn’t even follow where they ended up)
Finland (I kinda liked the song and found it quite catchy but I guess they finished in one of the last positions)
Denmark (This one was not my personal top 10 but thought would recieve a lot of points)
Slovenia (They performed at the beginning and brought some kind of light and energy to the stage)
Lithuania (Less is more. Needs no further explanation)
Austria (I never thought they would end up that high but still it is in my top 10)
Estonia (The costume itself deserves a top 10 but what a voice!)



…And my top 3

France (What I loved about this song was that it was so plain, nice, to the point)
Cyprus (I would be as happy if they could win. So catchy and sexy)
Israel (No need to say a word. It stucks in your brain from the first moment. I also loved her words after winning. Thank you so much for choosing the different)