I got involved in something

When I first came across with the term “NFT”, I felt some mix of fear and curiosity towards the unknown. As I am already doing digital art in some way, this was something I needed to learn. Now I can’t really tell for how long but I found myself digging through youtube videos, online skillshare courses etc to discover this phenomena, let’s say for months.

I must say this process might be slightly harder for me as I am on an ipad. I don’t have any laptop (mac or windows). At some point I had make use of my spouse’s mac but that was it.

I’ll be adding more NFTs and collections soon yet I already added my first NFT ART. <<< Click the link

A haiku is also accompanying this piece:

Who am I to judge?
Who am I to dictate a “normal”?
Who am I if not a pathetic soul trapped in the midst of chaos?