My very own Oscars

Right after the Oscars, you must be here to read some serious review. Well, let me begin with saying “you won’t be finding here”. Instead I will share with you my humble comments on the movies I have watched sofar.

Get Out (Best writing – original screenplay)

So the best picture award goes to “The Shape of Water”. I haven’t watched it yet but I saw 5 other movies in this category. The Post was a big disappointment to me as I love Meryl Streep. I quite liked the Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri but had a feeling like it was too Oscar-ish. Instead of Dunkirk, I might like to see The Killing of a Sacred Dear in the list, which also starrs Barry Keoghan. The movie Get Out is definitely too much me but not really sure if it has the Oscar material. But above all, my oscar winner was Call Me by Your Name. I don’t know, maybe watched it at the right time and place. I was so moved…
In the actress in a leading role, I’m really sorry about Meryl Streep but I told you, the movie was a disappointment for me. Whereas the winner Frances McDormand, obviously deserves the award. Good movie… good acting. (Lesbian?)
In the animated feature film, the oscar goes to Coco! What a great movie was that. I guess it is a well deserved award. But on the other hand, thinking of all the great work that had been put to it, I can’t help but feel sorry for Loving Vincent. But these are not our measures, right?

Few other notes:

  • Victoria and Abdul, how could it miss the Costume design
  • Lady Bird doesn’t get any awards?
  • Never Again is not even candidate on Music (original song)

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