A Quiet Place: Movie Review

It’s not very usual that you get to see a good scary movie. The IMDB points are mostly around 5 and honestly speaking, I don’t want to waste my time for a movie which is averagely voted.

The Hollywood Reporter John DeFore
A terrifying thriller with a surprisingly warm heart, John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place is a monster-movie allegory for parenting in a world gone very, very wrong.

Though I was sort of lucky this year to come across some really good ones of this genre. Well, let’s say, thriller/suspense, more than horror.
In that sense, after The Killing of a Sacred Deer and Mother!, A Quiet Place also made it to my top list.

RogerEbert.com Brian Tallerico
A Quiet Place shreds the nerves, but it does so in a way that feels rewarding. You don’t just walk out having experienced a thrill ride, you walk out on a high, the kind of high that only comes from the best horror movies.

The movie is another post-apocalyptic one where the earth is invaded by sound-sensitive aliens. For the first 10 minutes or so, I had to play with the sound to understand what was wrong with the TV, trying to understand why there was no sound. Then I realized and remembered the title of the movie, which made sense.
The tension throughout the movie is so well kept high. Certainly every now and then you keep asking yourself how could they be so silly to make such idiotic moves that would probably produce some sound but overall, by the end of the movie, my feeling was that it definitely deserves its IMdB point. There is definitely no exaggeration in that.
I will leave you with the trailer. Watch it if you still haven’t.

Ei8ht: An OCD Story

41208C37-C208-4058-BC49-0D661DA03E5D I am about to introduce you one of the recent movies that I have watched. In fact, I watched it a bit late since this australian movie is from 2016. It’s about a woman with severe OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and technically speaking, it is quite a low budget movie. The entire movie takes place at this unfortunate woman’s home. However, it is a quite strong movie, that introduces you how difficult could be the life of someone suffering from this condition. No matter how hard it is to watch, I’m sure you will hit a 5-star for this movie. Never mind about its IMDB point, of course!

A woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) struggles with her morning routine of trying to get to work on time.

🇪🇸 Estoy a punto de presentaros una de las pelis recientes que he visto. De hecho, la he visto un poco tarde, como esta peli australiana es de 2016. Se trata de una mujer con severo OCD y técnicamente es bastante de presupuesto bajo. La entera película tiene lugar en la casa de esta mujer desafortunada. Sin embargo es muy fuerte, os introduce lo difícil la vida de alguien que padece esta condición. Por más que difícil es ver la peli, seguro vais a dar 5 estrellas. Ni siquiera mires su punto en IMDB.

Give me back my “Insidious”

I hope someone didn’t remove my fright receptors while I was asleep or something because that was actually what I was doing while watching this famous thriller movie series. As I am a fan of the genre, I’m seriously pissed off when I see this kind of decline. I had felt the same for the “paranormal activity” series, too.

A good horror movie is like the process of good sex, it makes you scream! Insidious is so hideous, you’ll want to leave it in between. Umesh PunwaniKoimoi 1.5/5

No worries! There won’t be any spoilers here. I only wanted to express how I felt. I, obviously, had high hopes since I was waiting for a long time to watch this movie. The two ghostbusters, who we met by the end of the previous episode, must have been thought to add some comedy spice but this recipe definitely doesn’t go well with some genres. It’s definitely a thumbs down 👎 from me.

If you are looking for some spine-chilling thrills and a well-made horror mystery, please look ‘further’. The Last Key is more of a final nail in the coffin for the Insidious series. Renuka VyavahareTimes of India 3/5

There are other things, too. Well, I’m not gonna be too bitchy about it but it was full of cliches. I can guess how frustrating it can get, to invent something new in each movie to scare the shit out of the audience but well, there are really good examples, too. You can check my two other posts; 1, 2
Eventually, I recommend you to watch it. Yes, there is no typo. I do recommand it. Because that was completely my point of view. I am such an empath :). I would like to leave one door open at least considering that maybe, I was not in the mood that particular night when I watched it. So take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself.

My very own Oscars

Right after the Oscars, you must be here to read some serious review. Well, let me begin with saying “you won’t be finding here”. Instead I will share with you my humble comments on the movies I have watched sofar.

Get Out (Best writing – original screenplay)

So the best picture award goes to “The Shape of Water”. I haven’t watched it yet but I saw 5 other movies in this category. The Post was a big disappointment to me as I love Meryl Streep. I quite liked the Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri but had a feeling like it was too Oscar-ish. Instead of Dunkirk, I might like to see The Killing of a Sacred Dear in the list, which also starrs Barry Keoghan. The movie Get Out is definitely too much me but not really sure if it has the Oscar material. But above all, my oscar winner was Call Me by Your Name. I don’t know, maybe watched it at the right time and place. I was so moved…
In the actress in a leading role, I’m really sorry about Meryl Streep but I told you, the movie was a disappointment for me. Whereas the winner Frances McDormand, obviously deserves the award. Good movie… good acting. (Lesbian?)
In the animated feature film, the oscar goes to Coco! What a great movie was that. I guess it is a well deserved award. But on the other hand, thinking of all the great work that had been put to it, I can’t help but feel sorry for Loving Vincent. But these are not our measures, right?

Few other notes:

  • Victoria and Abdul, how could it miss the Costume design
  • Lady Bird doesn’t get any awards?
  • Never Again is not even candidate on Music (original song)

Mother! Ammmmazing!

Spoiler safe zone!
Those imdb points! I’m still not sure how much I should trust them, really. For the horror/thriller movie genre, tho, I have a scale. I don’t expect them to hit the 7’s or 8’s. Some movie slightly over 5,5 deserves a chance in my opinion. However for Mother!, I had a spare place. I had heard of it so much so that I wouldn’t ever care about the Imdb point.
You know, what?! I did just that. And I wasn’t wrong at all. I could proudly say it was my all time favorite or something close to that. First it took me a while to figure out exactly what was going on. Then it was even more interesting to watch. It didn’t even lose anything from its magic. I must say it deserves a second time watching. It might even be necessary. That much of mysteriousness I’m speaking about… so you get the picture.
To speak about the actings, both Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence are amazing (with multiple m’s). Certainly there more than the two. You’ll see quite a bunch of celebrities in this movie, including Michelle Pfeiffer. I’m just going to put the trailer below but I’m not sure if it gives you enough of an impression of how good this movie is.
Meanwhile, I’ve just discovered that the imdb point of Mother! is currently 6,7. Although it’s quite a good point in its genre, honestly I found it quite low. I guess there are some people out there who didn’t quite understand the movie. Or better yet, don’t event trust those points 😉