The Killing of a Sacred Dear

* There are “no spoilers” in this post so feel free to read

Now that I am back to blogging (not that i quit vlogging… important point!), I think it is time to make a short review of my two top movies of 2017, one being “The Killing of a Sacred Dear” and the other will be the subject of another post.

I do have kind of an obsession for horror, tension movies. Except the real good ones are really few in number. It is not a thirst for blood, in fact I hate to see too bloody scenes. I am looking for an intellect in the scenarios. Having said all these, my second favorite in this genre in 2017 is “The Killing of a Sacred Dear”. Nicole Kidman is the same old Nicole Kidman, always beautiful, always talented. I don’t personally remember a single movie of hers that I didn’t like. And for such a hottie (yes, still…) like Colin Farrell, I can’t even come to point of talent. I’m stuck in his beauty. But put these all time super-duper artists aside, we see a new face, honestly not a very handsome one either, Barry Keoghan. I really loved the acting of this young chap among the hollywood stars. By the way, you must also watch him at “Dunkirk”.

Apart from the actings, this movie is definitely a must-see, if you still haven’t. Let me just share with you the trailer and you decide for yourself.