25 years later

Todo saldrá bien
Herşey güzel olacak
All will be good

What Turkey has been through in the recent years, has shaken lives of most. Not only economically but also politically, morally and even psychologically, many people were affected in a bad manner. Some have (like me) moved out of the country to start a new life from scratch.

With the latest local elections now in Turkey (not only in Istanbul), winds of hope have started to blow. İstanbul and Ankara have new governors now and the leading party (AKP) have lost in many of the biggest cities.

The new Istanbul governor.

The “All will be good” quote has turned out to be his sort of motto and I sort of like it. Honestly I wish these lines of hopefulness spread out to the world and so starts a growing change.

All will be good and the good will win.