Debut Albums Coming (very soon)

I have been quite excited lately. I had decided to publish my songs on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and many other online digital music stores and eventually found myself searching for the right channel to do this. There were too many options but I hope to have found the best one for my needs. Soon (very soon) and hopefully, my songs will be online on all these stores.

Since I had songs in multiple languages, I was directed to prepare separate singles / albums for the songs in turkish, english, french and spanish. Therefore these 4 albums will be released on the same day that is the 5th of August, 2015. The name and the songs of the albums / singles are as follows:

  1. Shine A Light On Me (Shine A Light On Me, Beautiful People, Awakening)
  2. Küçük Tatlı Çocuk (Küçük Tatlı Çocuk, Küçük Tatlı Çocuk (feat. Dans ve Renk))
  3. Espoir (Espoir)
  4. Tu Sonrisa (Tu Sonrisa)

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