The Island with a Single Tree


Once, there was a single man who was living on the single island of the single ocean of a planet. On those single nights, the single man would gaze at the single reflection of the single moon on the single ocean. And on those single days, the single thing he saw was a single cloud which dripped a single droplet of rain on the single tree on his island.


A stippling art with an abstract touch.

Both the drawing and the story by me. (Complete story is on the artwork). This work has a special meaning to me. Hope it also means to you as much as it does to me.

I usually tend express my ideas, be it political or spiritual or in any other way, in an abstract style 👉, using mostly geometric elements and together with a short poem (haiku) 👆

See this artwork 👇


Size18 x 24 cm
Main ColorsDistressed Paper
GenreDistressed Stippling
ThemeStory time