Listen! Buika – Jodida pero Contenta

I am actually making a new collection and planning on setting up a playlist on Spotify. I’m coming across with new people especially after having moved to Barcelona. Obviously music has been one of the ice breakers on making conversations with these new people. I ask them to make a small list of artists or bands, along with a few songs of theirs that they like. The only condition is that these artists or bands shouldn’t be worldwide famous. So no madonnas in the list. In this aspect today’s song is from O&E from Turkey.
Buika – Jodida pero Contenta

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María Concepción Balboa Buika (born May 11, 1972) known as Concha Buika and by the stage name Buika, is a Spanish singer. Her album Niña de Fuego was nominated for the 2008 Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year and La Noche Más Larga was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in 2014. MORE INFO

Acabo de terminar “La casa de papel”

Uffff! Creo que es la primera vez que veo un series en español (con los subtítulos en español) por completo. Súper bien! Indescriptible! Brutal! No conozco bastante palabras en español para describir este serie. Hay que verlo. Ahora que estoy viviendo en Barcelona, tenemos solo los subtítulos en español. Ni en inglés, ni en turco. Nada! Sin embargo no es tan difícil seguirlo (por lo menos para mí). Por cierto mis amigos en Turquía tienen suerte con los subtítulos. Tienen todo disponible. Pero aquí por alguna razon Netflix dice que no puede añadir los subtítulos en otra idioma. Y por supuesto no es solo para “la casa de papel” sino casi todos los pelis y series de España. Digo todo eso por los extranjeros que viven en españa (o catalunya) y habla poco español.

Será mi primera entrada del blog después de tanto tiempo. Así que voy a ser breve. Os dejo un link de tráiler. Decide tú!

Check out my Youtube channel

Aaah! When was the last time I made an entry here, I don’t even remember. But in fact this silence was for a good reason. Lots of things happened in this period. The biggest obviously being moving countries. Yes, I left Istanbul about a year ago and moved on to Barcelona. Obviously it’s a really “heavy” time of my life. Not just physically but also emotionally…

Musically speaking, moving also worked positively in my case. In fact I had a plan to release an album (which I still have) but there is this little twist in plans. I have initiated a youtube channel. I was planning this one as well. No surprises :). It’s name is “Good Times”… Here’s the link so maybe you want to come and watch some videos (and some new songs) of mine and who knows, maybe even subscribe :). So as a bonus I will be sharing my lastest song, Wish You Were Gone.

Come and join to Good Times… it’s really fun out there…