Ei8ht: An OCD Story

41208C37-C208-4058-BC49-0D661DA03E5D I am about to introduce you one of the recent movies that I have watched. In fact, I watched it a bit late since this australian movie is from 2016. It’s about a woman with severe OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and technically speaking, it is quite a low budget movie. The entire movie takes place at this unfortunate woman’s home. However, it is a quite strong movie, that introduces you how difficult could be the life of someone suffering from this condition. No matter how hard it is to watch, I’m sure you will hit a 5-star for this movie. Never mind about its IMDB point, of course!

A woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) struggles with her morning routine of trying to get to work on time.

🇪🇸 Estoy a punto de presentaros una de las pelis recientes que he visto. De hecho, la he visto un poco tarde, como esta peli australiana es de 2016. Se trata de una mujer con severo OCD y técnicamente es bastante de presupuesto bajo. La entera película tiene lugar en la casa de esta mujer desafortunada. Sin embargo es muy fuerte, os introduce lo difícil la vida de alguien que padece esta condición. Por más que difícil es ver la peli, seguro vais a dar 5 estrellas. Ni siquiera mires su punto en IMDB.

Listen! Christine and the Queens – Tilted

🇬🇧 Since I have started this playlist on Spotify, I happened to know many new artists and bands. Here on this post, I am going to present them you with only one song but I guess it worths going on youtube to see other videos. So, today’s group is Christine and the Queens and their song is Tilted. Thanks to E&M from France for their contribution.
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🇪🇸 Desde que he iniciado este playlist en Spotify, vine a conocer a un montón de cantantes y grupos. Aquí en esta entrada, os voy a presentarlos con solamente una canción pero creo que merece la pena ver otros videos en YouTube. Entonces el grupo de hoy es Christine and the Queens, y su canción es Tilted. Gracias a E&M de Francia por su contribución.
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Héloïse Letissier (born 1 June 1988), known by her stage name Christine and the Queens, is a French singer, songwriter and producer. Born in Nantes, France, Letissier studied theatre before forming her solo musical group Christine and the Queens. Letissier has been signed to the independent record label Because Music since 2012. Her work combines music, performance, art videos, drawings and photography.[6] MORE INFO
[Official website]

The Eurovision is Approaching!

The big day… well, week… is approaching. Any eurovisioners out there?

well, well, well… although for the past 2 years, I have been living in Barcelona, I’m still a Turkish citizen and as Turkey refuses to take part in the eurovision song contest (stupid!), inevitably I was starting to lose interest in my childhood obsession. But, no! Living in a european city now, I looked at myself in the mirror and said…

”Hey, guapo (handsome)… you should immediately listen to some eurovision song, no matter how crappy, just to get rid of the even-crappier erdogan’s voice in your ears and go back to your original settings! You are a eurovision boy. So just do it, in everway that you can

While in Lisbon, I couldn’t help but taking this photo 🙂

To be honest, for the last 3-4 years, I am trying NOT to listen to the entries before the contest. This way, it becomes more exciting and you are magically stripped off your eurovision-fan identity on the day(s) of the contest. You simply watch the show like any other person would do. But hey, at this point you should ask me… “does that really work… avoiding listening to the songs… seriously?!”

Well, there is one simple answer to that. No.

Though I do manage quite well. For instance I don’t even know exactly how many countries are participating this year. I don’t know the hosts. I don’t know the venue. However, the social media is sometimes keeping me away from keeping my promise. Inevitably I find myself listening/watching some song(s) of the year because it is consistently being pumped on social media. This year it is obviously the Israelí song. Toy or I’m not your toy or something like that. Quite catchy, fun and actually you want to watch it over and over again. One other song is naturally Spain’s (although I’m not quite a fan this year).

So eventually I even started following this playlist on Spotify. But wait, I didn’t listen to it yet. Let me hear your comments. I will stop myself at 5 songs, two of which I have already listened (Israel and Spain). Which three songs would you recommend me listen? Please share with me in the comments below!

Give me back my “Insidious”

I hope someone didn’t remove my fright receptors while I was asleep or something because that was actually what I was doing while watching this famous thriller movie series. As I am a fan of the genre, I’m seriously pissed off when I see this kind of decline. I had felt the same for the “paranormal activity” series, too.

A good horror movie is like the process of good sex, it makes you scream! Insidious is so hideous, you’ll want to leave it in between. Umesh PunwaniKoimoi 1.5/5

No worries! There won’t be any spoilers here. I only wanted to express how I felt. I, obviously, had high hopes since I was waiting for a long time to watch this movie. The two ghostbusters, who we met by the end of the previous episode, must have been thought to add some comedy spice but this recipe definitely doesn’t go well with some genres. It’s definitely a thumbs down 👎 from me.

If you are looking for some spine-chilling thrills and a well-made horror mystery, please look ‘further’. The Last Key is more of a final nail in the coffin for the Insidious series. Renuka VyavahareTimes of India 3/5

There are other things, too. Well, I’m not gonna be too bitchy about it but it was full of cliches. I can guess how frustrating it can get, to invent something new in each movie to scare the shit out of the audience but well, there are really good examples, too. You can check my two other posts; 1, 2
Eventually, I recommend you to watch it. Yes, there is no typo. I do recommand it. Because that was completely my point of view. I am such an empath :). I would like to leave one door open at least considering that maybe, I was not in the mood that particular night when I watched it. So take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself.

Good Morning Lisbon

A short video about our belated honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a marvelous 6-day-holiday. Well, it was almost entirely rainy but we still did enjoy a lot. Watch our video on what to do in Lisbon and where to go. If you are lucky enough to have more sunshine, you will possibly have more to do.