Ei8ht: An OCD Story

41208C37-C208-4058-BC49-0D661DA03E5D I am about to introduce you one of the recent movies that I have watched. In fact, I watched it a bit late since this australian movie is from 2016. It’s about a woman with severe OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and technically speaking, it is quite a low budget movie. The entire movie takes place at this unfortunate woman’s home. However, it is a quite strong movie, that introduces you how difficult could be the life of someone suffering from this condition. No matter how hard it is to watch, I’m sure you will hit a 5-star for this movie. Never mind about its IMDB point, of course!

A woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) struggles with her morning routine of trying to get to work on time.

🇪🇸 Estoy a punto de presentaros una de las pelis recientes que he visto. De hecho, la he visto un poco tarde, como esta peli australiana es de 2016. Se trata de una mujer con severo OCD y técnicamente es bastante de presupuesto bajo. La entera película tiene lugar en la casa de esta mujer desafortunada. Sin embargo es muy fuerte, os introduce lo difícil la vida de alguien que padece esta condición. Por más que difícil es ver la peli, seguro vais a dar 5 estrellas. Ni siquiera mires su punto en IMDB.

The Killing of a Sacred Dear

* There are “no spoilers” in this post so feel free to read

Now that I am back to blogging (not that i quit vlogging… important point!), I think it is time to make a short review of my two top movies of 2017, one being “The Killing of a Sacred Dear” and the other will be the subject of another post.

I do have kind of an obsession for horror, tension movies. Except the real good ones are really few in number. It is not a thirst for blood, in fact I hate to see too bloody scenes. I am looking for an intellect in the scenarios. Having said all these, my second favorite in this genre in 2017 is “The Killing of a Sacred Dear”. Nicole Kidman is the same old Nicole Kidman, always beautiful, always talented. I don’t personally remember a single movie of hers that I didn’t like. And for such a hottie (yes, still…) like Colin Farrell, I can’t even come to point of talent. I’m stuck in his beauty. But put these all time super-duper artists aside, we see a new face, honestly not a very handsome one either, Barry Keoghan. I really loved the acting of this young chap among the hollywood stars. By the way, you must also watch him at “Dunkirk”.

Apart from the actings, this movie is definitely a must-see, if you still haven’t. Let me just share with you the trailer and you decide for yourself.