My Official Artist Channel on Youtube ✅

Just as the title suggests, my official artist channel on YouTube is live. Honestly I notice that I am a bit ignorant about this, as after I applied for an official artist channel on YouTube, the next day it came with my new and previous songs made as automated videos and they have been added in the channel already, without me doing actually nothing. They are certainly nothing official but the music itself, visually accompanied by the cover of the album. Certainly I am planning to make videos for my songs in the (near) future but still you can subscribe and turn on the notifications so as to be notified when I upload a new video. Just to make it clear, this is not the same channel that I have the Spanish videos (Good Times). This is only for my music, albums and singles. So please subscribe and turn the notifications on. There goes the link for my channel on YouTube:

¿He roto con youtube?

Desde hace mucho tiempo (más de 3 meses) no he estado grabando vídeos para mi canal en YouTube (Good Times) Pero tengo razones. Primero, ha habido unos cambios de reglamento que interesan a los youtubers. Para que tú ganes dinero por su canal de YouTube, ahora necesitas un par de condiciones, como la cantidad de los suscriptores, el tiempo de watchtime etc. Y como un principiante, esos números no es tan fáciles alcanzar.

Además, he tenido una experiencia de 5 días en el hospital. Era algo aterrador. Ahora estoy bien pero me afectó mucho. Por ejemplo tenía que dejar de fumar (eso es una buena cosa de todos modos) y mi dieta cambió totalmente… ya consumo alimentos mucho más saludables… muy muy bien pero en este periodo, no podía hacer nada de vídeos.

Pues la respuesta de la pregunta (mira el título) será “no”. No he roto con YouTube. Ni YouTube ha roto conmigo. Sin embargo me tenía que tomar mi tiempo, para recuperarme, para recopilar ideas para nuevos vídeos etc. Y yo volveré. Seré mejor. Salvo no sé cuanto tiempo más necesito. De momento podéis ver los vídeos anteriores AQUÍ.

Check out my Youtube channel

Aaah! When was the last time I made an entry here, I don’t even remember. But in fact this silence was for a good reason. Lots of things happened in this period. The biggest obviously being moving countries. Yes, I left Istanbul about a year ago and moved on to Barcelona. Obviously it’s a really “heavy” time of my life. Not just physically but also emotionally…

Musically speaking, moving also worked positively in my case. In fact I had a plan to release an album (which I still have) but there is this little twist in plans. I have initiated a youtube channel. I was planning this one as well. No surprises :). It’s name is “Good Times”… Here’s the link so maybe you want to come and watch some videos (and some new songs) of mine and who knows, maybe even subscribe :). So as a bonus I will be sharing my lastest song, Wish You Were Gone.

Come and join to Good Times… it’s really fun out there…