Top 5 Earworms (May 2018)

I have always wanted to remember what I was listening in the past, like, say, three years ago this time. But, no, I didn’t ever do it. I didn’t quite have a proper method as well but a simple sheet on excel. Whatever, eventually I decided to share with you, people, what sticks on my mind most. They don’t necessarily have to be new songs, naturally, as for some reason, these songs have been earworms in the past month.
For instance, at number 4 this month, you see “Evergreen” from Barbara Streisand which is a song from centuries ago. It’s on this list just because I sang it on Smule and it turned out to be an earworm. Top 3 is naturally eurovision songs. Surprised? Don’t be!
There goes my billboard chart below…

  1. Fuego – Eleni Foureira
  2. Toy – Netta Barzilai
  3. Dance You Off – Benjamin Ingrosso
  4. Evergreen – Barbara Streisand
  5. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li

The Eurovision week ends with Toy’s victory

I had this dilemma this week whether I should make separate posts for the two semifinals and the final or not. Then I realized how time consuming this would be. So in this post, I will be skipping the semifinals.

The big event opened with fado. As the contest was in Portugal, that was almost certain, of course. Personally I like Fado even though I don’t speak portuguese. The words also have great importance but eventually I like what I hear. But not throughout the contest. I guess Portugal dosed off a bit…

In no particular order, my top 10 countries are:

Bulgaria (I didn’t even follow where they ended up)
Finland (I kinda liked the song and found it quite catchy but I guess they finished in one of the last positions)
Denmark (This one was not my personal top 10 but thought would recieve a lot of points)
Slovenia (They performed at the beginning and brought some kind of light and energy to the stage)
Lithuania (Less is more. Needs no further explanation)
Austria (I never thought they would end up that high but still it is in my top 10)
Estonia (The costume itself deserves a top 10 but what a voice!)



…And my top 3

France (What I loved about this song was that it was so plain, nice, to the point)
Cyprus (I would be as happy if they could win. So catchy and sexy)
Israel (No need to say a word. It stucks in your brain from the first moment. I also loved her words after winning. Thank you so much for choosing the different)

The Eurovision is Approaching!

The big day… well, week… is approaching. Any eurovisioners out there?

well, well, well… although for the past 2 years, I have been living in Barcelona, I’m still a Turkish citizen and as Turkey refuses to take part in the eurovision song contest (stupid!), inevitably I was starting to lose interest in my childhood obsession. But, no! Living in a european city now, I looked at myself in the mirror and said…

”Hey, guapo (handsome)… you should immediately listen to some eurovision song, no matter how crappy, just to get rid of the even-crappier erdogan’s voice in your ears and go back to your original settings! You are a eurovision boy. So just do it, in everway that you can

While in Lisbon, I couldn’t help but taking this photo 🙂

To be honest, for the last 3-4 years, I am trying NOT to listen to the entries before the contest. This way, it becomes more exciting and you are magically stripped off your eurovision-fan identity on the day(s) of the contest. You simply watch the show like any other person would do. But hey, at this point you should ask me… “does that really work… avoiding listening to the songs… seriously?!”

Well, there is one simple answer to that. No.

Though I do manage quite well. For instance I don’t even know exactly how many countries are participating this year. I don’t know the hosts. I don’t know the venue. However, the social media is sometimes keeping me away from keeping my promise. Inevitably I find myself listening/watching some song(s) of the year because it is consistently being pumped on social media. This year it is obviously the Israelí song. Toy or I’m not your toy or something like that. Quite catchy, fun and actually you want to watch it over and over again. One other song is naturally Spain’s (although I’m not quite a fan this year).

So eventually I even started following this playlist on Spotify. But wait, I didn’t listen to it yet. Let me hear your comments. I will stop myself at 5 songs, two of which I have already listened (Israel and Spain). Which three songs would you recommend me listen? Please share with me in the comments below!