The Story of MUCIZE

In the beginnings of 2016 I moved to Barcelona. Naturally it took sometime for me to get used to a new city and country. After sometime, I decided to do something related to music again. First I started attending to a choir. We were even having concerts. But I think it’s totally a different experience to write your own song and lyrics. So I discovered that the choir thing was not satisfying me as I thought it would.

So I got my iPad in my hands. Luckily those times a referendum for the presidency system would be held in Turkey. And I decided to write a song to support “NO”… a little positive, a little uplifting (for that reason you hear a lot of NO’s (HAYIR) in the song.

Well, that was a good idea but just writing a song, singing, sharing it with your friends in Facebook… and then what? I decided to think a bit bigger. I asked my friend Idil, who was living in Barcelona then, “shall we make a duet?”

İdil had also helped me a lot with my residence things throughout the stages of my moving to Barcelona. Moreover she was a soloist in a band. She is such a fairy-like person that I knew deep inside that she wouldn’t say no, no matter how occupied she was with her thesis.

After a while we completed the recordings and started developing ideas for the video with other friends who were also living in Barcelona. But we had too little time so nothing came out of it. But MUCIZE (Miracle) remained in my archive until today. It’s one of my favorites in this album thanks to the voice of Idil.

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My Official Artist Channel on Youtube ✅

Just as the title suggests, my official artist channel on YouTube is live. Honestly I notice that I am a bit ignorant about this, as after I applied for an official artist channel on YouTube, the next day it came with my new and previous songs made as automated videos and they have been added in the channel already, without me doing actually nothing. They are certainly nothing official but the music itself, visually accompanied by the cover of the album. Certainly I am planning to make videos for my songs in the (near) future but still you can subscribe and turn on the notifications so as to be notified when I upload a new video. Just to make it clear, this is not the same channel that I have the Spanish videos (Good Times). This is only for my music, albums and singles. So please subscribe and turn the notifications on. There goes the link for my channel on YouTube: